He is Lord! by Tutsie1

What’s the thing we (living creatures) treasure most?Life. We do anything to sustain it. That’s why we eat even when we don’t feel like, we seek medicine, even when we don’t like it. Because we wanna sustain life.

Christ gave the greatest gift of all, his life for our sin. He is perfect. But He gave for our sake. How wonderful is that? He rose from the dead. Now we have been given rights to call : (the Mighty King who swallowed the Egyptians in the red sea, Who sent fire to consume the water soaked rods of sticks n lit the sacrifice, who broke down the walls of Jericho) : Him Abba Father.

Indeed He is the Great I Am. All glory, all praise, all power to you alone. ”Who He who sits on the throne, the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle, lift up your heads all ye gates.” ”Praise Him, you Heavens, sun, moon, bright shining stars, you Angels and Heavenly hosts, you lowly creatures. Praise Him!”

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