I Miss You-by Tutsie1

I miss u so much my heart is weeping wishing to see you every minute of everyday.

Everyday seems like forever and yet to me it is. I think of you more than I should. You intoxicating my system. When im missing you my day does not seem 2 go well. I feel alone.

You are the reason for my bright day. And you make a reason for me to smile expectantly. It hurts me to miss you. I wonder if you feel the same.

When I close my eyes I see your smile. Your laughter rings in my ears. When I put my head to rest its you that fills my mind, my dreams.

Distance may come between but my heart has stayed connected to yours in unity in love.

You are what iv been searching for. Iv found you. Im hoping you’ll be real, open, free, at home, at peace, happy and you’ll find a best friend in me. Coz I think im falling for you.

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