To you, My love by Tutsie1

You have shaken my world, turned my whole being upside now. What I knew, what made sense to me, does makes sense any more.
You have shown me the deepest real love. I think about you all day and all night. I can’t just seem to be shake you off my mind. You make me smile and yet you make me mad. Then you make me smile again.
My heart booms and blossoms when you near, when you far it aches, a sensation that takes over my whole being… Its you who matters!
Love is felt in the heart and my heart z definitely speaking for itself how much it does feel loved. Thank you for your care, loving me, for holding on, and praising about me.
Thank you for cheering me up when I’m down and trusting me. For uplifting me, encouragements, comfort n smiles, for missing me, determination and time.
Most of all thank you for your love. By Tutsi1

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