Silent tears by Tutsie1

I cry silently within me
The walls of my territory
Have broken down
My foundation
So strong and steady
Has crumbled before me

Silent tears of pain and hurt
Of hate and disappointments
Can anyone hear me?
I feel like screaming
But all I do is let out a whisper
I’m afraid to speak
In fear of making things worse
What’s happening to me?

Feeling like Job in the bible
Where everything is falling apart
My strength is gone
I can’t pick the pieces
Nor hold myself up
I can’t catch up
Everything is happening so fast

Its all too much for me
The deep immense sadness
Fills up my heart
Leaving nothing else to stay
The security is gone
I never saw it leave
Oh Lord
The tears are running dry
They fall no more

The shock
Deep anguish
Caught in between
Can anyone save me?
Silent tears in a moment of absolute chaos.

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