Appearance: short, light and cute in a sweet way

Features: brown eyes, off black thick hair, medium body features, wear reading glasses.

Character: observant, strong, determined, quiet, reserved, when I believe in something, you won’t change my mind about it, kinda independent, real, unique- definitely not someone you know, nor the girl next door. I sometimes can be a girly girl, I stand for what I believe in.

School: college-social work.

Age: soon to be 21

Birthdate:16 February

Family: 3 girls, two boys. I’m the third, the intersection, middle point.

Likes n dislikes: I love chocolate. I love junk food! Something salty, I like real people, not fake liars! I love pink! love to write, read, draw, sing, bead and music.

Music: holy hip hop, slows-love songs, esp songs with a good deep base beat!

Instruments: I’d love to learn piano o drums…

Sex: female

Relationship status: single

Childhood: happy, quiet, jumpy

Fancy foods: pizza and beef burger with strawberry/ chocolate milkshake or creme soda

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