Dairy entry by Tutsie1

Dear diary,
As usual today is one of my long thoughtful days. Thinking about everything iv been thinking about and doing. Got stuff to do and redo. Is it real? Some of it doesn’t make sense. So today ima be a lil quiet, sitting on my own, probably with a book in hand or music through my ears and a mug of coffee. Its a perfect day for that. The weather matches with my mood. I love my dogs, diary. Got two, a half german and half something and the other one is half something and half fluffy. The both male mixed breeds. Ima write beautifully today. I love writing in you, well more like typing, but yeah something in those lines. Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay on my bed, don’t feel like picking up the phone…! (Singing) see you soon!!!

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