Invisibility-Dairy entry by Tutsie1

Up to now, no change.
Invisibility always seems to hit me
Yes seems to hit me quite often
Its like that everywhere I go
Everywhere I go I’m invisible
Could it be because I’m quiet?
Maybe not, maybe so
I’m just an ordinary girl
People seem to take note of the same
Yes the same,
Those that have money
Or swag
Or confidence
Loud mouths
Or singers
And the like

Who would take note of ordinary different?
The Reserved
The honest
The know it alls
Liars seem to make it
What a world we live in
Quietly, sadly watching
Fast lives, fast cars, fast girls
Slow down a bit
I can’t catch up
So much going on
I don’t wanna be a part of it
Strangers on earth,
Am I alone?

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