Dear diary, well I received an email telling me to write, so here I am. Don’t mind if I write uttermost nonsense, I have no inspiration diary. I guess its writers block and beading block.
The thing about writing is my inspiration comes along with my mood, when I’m in intense emotion, the beauty of words and my creative section is enhanced, words then flow out in overwhelming beauty. I wonder What inspires a lot of writers or beaders to write and bead.
I have been thinking a lot of love, my work mates where talking about love and relationships, and I chatted a bit with my ex. Got me thinking, what really is love dairy?
How can I understand this thing called love? Iv been searching for answers to my questions, what is love? I’m not talking of love between friends, or family, I’m talking of that love that creates relationships with someone on a deeper level, where you connect and stay connected in the name of love.
I pose this question once again, dearest diary, what is love?

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