I see you in my sleep
When I’m awake
Every man is a photo copy of you.
Your name is branded on my heart.
Whatever I do I think of you
I miss you when ever you step out the door
I wish things would be like they used to
Where I meant the whole world to you
And you were the centre of my universe
Our love story is unlike any other
Across rivers, boarders, across many miles
We lay in wait
To have us near, within reach
How long shall we wait?
Till the universe makes way for us.
Us against the world
No matter what,
My love for you still stands, deep, unperturbed love.
Sometimes I don’t know how to express it, you are an inch away from my grasp,
That inch may grow closer or grow apart,
Holding back from being hurt by me
You are one riddle I cannot solve.
Yet my love for you burns strong

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