Lorna Landvik-Oh my stars- Personal Review.

Oh my Stars is an exceptional book.

We read of This girl who had a rough background, her mum abandoned her father and her when she was very young. Her father never showed any affection to her. She grew up alone, thinking she was not beautiful. Was also an easy target for boys to bully. She lands a job in a sewing factory, she loved to sew and had a talent in sewing. An accident leaves her one armed- halfly disabled.

We see her run away from home, planning to commit suicide off a bridge. Her story is then transformed when she meets Kevin on her way to commit suicide. He is the start to her heroic adventure, her first love. And of how she is transformed from the timid low self esteemed girl to a grown beautiful successful woman.

The moral in this story for me is nothing stays the same, and it doesn’t matter the consequences of your past, its about what you do to overcome those barriers. Its an inspirational book to me.

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