The Journey-Tutsie’s Beads

Walk with me through my gains, and frustrations about my hobby/ business.

How it all began,

3 years ago, I developed a random sense of beading and beads. Whenever I saw a beaded something, I thought I can make this. So one day, I asked mum to get me some beads, unfortunately the thread bought to use was much bigger than the beads. I waited some. And I got the right string. I then went into a frenzy of beads and beading. I began making staff, colorful jewelry.
Color corded and beautiful. I met a friend who taught me different styles.
Last year, I would make and mum and my elder sister would buy from me, supporting me. My family encouraged me and I was lead to begin a small business with.
I went and made a catalog, opened my web page and email address calling it Tutsi’s beads.
As time went on, I began practicing, beaded cloths, beaded belts.
The first call I received in regard with beads, this client had wanted beaded bowl cloths. I went out my way, taught myself to make this cloth and went it was ready, I called the client, she gave me excuse after excuse.
At present I’m still trying to break into the business, hoping and praying for more clients. More updates to come.

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