Dearest diary,

Firstly, I wanna congratulate myself for keeping up with the blogging.
Every time I write, I’m sharing a big part of who I am to the world unknown. And to me that’s a bold step. I do not like the unknown, I’m the type of person who likes to foresee and carefully gauge the tomorrow before I step into it. So again I congratulate myself.

Lastly I speak on love,
Especially my definition of a boyfriend or and a girlfriend.
To me a this person is someone who is close at heart, someone who knows you inside out and still loves you, who has seen many sides of you, someone whose love for you grows deeper with time. Someone you openly speak to and openly flirt with and openly mean it. Someone who you can’t take your eyes nor hands off. No matter how many times your lips have met, every kiss sends tingles, butterflies and a racing heart. Someone you see your many tomorrows with. Someone who you have fun with and also share boring days with. Someone who never gets tired of you. Someone who is open and free to share all dimensions of their life with you. Someone to care, cherish, spoil and love. Someone to cry to, laugh with. Someone who pisses you the most and you fell to stay mad at. Someone you have things be it likes or dislikes, looks, interests, personality traits, friends similar. Etc.
Diary the list goes on, but if I don’t stop now, my chores will have to be done late and ill go to bed late too, meaning my morning won’t be a good one, I ain’t a morning person.

By the way, Diary I have a boyfriend. its long distance relationship. And wev had our share of shit and happiness. More to come laterz. Cheers!! Love you lots!….



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