Random thoughts

Dearest diary,

Today was my half day at work. So I had time to do much. I need a new set of specs. So I went to Specsavers, with my medical aid, I dint pay much for them and I’m happy with the frame I have. Its brown in colour and I can’t wait to have them.
I noticed my sight was worsening and computer work even with the old specs on, was blurry. And I went and got the new set. Though I needed more to colour code them and add something else. Can’t afford at the moment.

Well why am I telling you about this. Iv been thinking how life changes in a second by something small. How one suddenly grows up, transforms from being a child to being a grown up. How a simple dress or change in hairstyle can completely change your appearance and thence how people view you and how you view the world.

I never thought that the day would come when I’d be working and handling my own bills. When I’d be the age I am today. I sit back and think, all that time I wasted, where has it gone. Oh how time flies. This is me today, and just the beginning of many other ‘grown up’ days. Though I must say it took me a slow while to get here. I really dint expect me to be here. Young, energetic, visionalist
(If there is such a word)




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