Dearest diary

Dear diary, its time for my post for the week. Iv got good news, ill be going for church camp tomorrow. I’m so so so excited. Can’t wait. After work ill be going to church and then camp, there were a few complications here and there but finally I’m going. I feel like a little kid waiting for ones birthday to come. Tjo. My heart is racing like a ferreri.

I made a new friend dairy, this past week. His cool, makes me laugh. I’m gald with the progress I’m making at work. Work is slowly increasing which I a good thing. Like that verse in the bible that talks about more being given to those who have much and the little that the other has being taken away from him.

I’m not lazy, I know I’m very hard working.

鐦 圃 薟  尐 鍚, I seem to have written in some language that I can’t wait to go for camp.


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