Deep thinking. All is vanity

Its like everyone is a photo copy if someone else.
I’m just looking for realness.
Eish, is there anyone that’s original???
Everyone lies and shows u what u wanna see.
All digging for selfish desires.
Noone cares bout noone,
one man for himself.
Don’t matter whether u sugar coat with a friendship or a relationship or any of that sort.
In the end we all fend and look for what’s best for ourselves,
don’t matter who gets hurt in the way. As long as we happy.
Vanity all is vanity.
U toil n invest in smthn just to have it ripped from u in a second.
And noone cares if u hurting.
Noone cares about the pain or the hole dug.
we forced into a corner where we act like we made of stone.
A hard wall.
And we walk around like that.
But happens to the sensitive?
What happens when we all don’t care. What chaos we cause.
What happens when the sensitive lose control and come out like some crazy, obssesed person.
What a shame. O what a shame.


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