Dear diary, a note to my hubby 2b

I can’t wait to get married. I’m 20, I just started working. I’m now starting to realise the realness and importance of ‘the world’. As young you don’t have to deal with bills and all. Infact it seemed when I began work that’s when now all the expenses suddenly showed up.

Uhmmmm now I seem to be deriving the topic. I was talking about getting married. I’m not any way near that stage. I just met this guy, so we are still getting to know. The guy I thought would be my forever turns out right now isn’t Gods plan. So why am I here daydreaming about my hubby, who maybe a thousand kms away or maybe within reach. Whom I am uncertain of who he is. If that makes sense.

Because I’m an old fashioned romantic, who still believes that even in this world full of divorce. Marriage can still stand. As long as two people are bound in with God as their priority.

So hubby if you are who I think or have ‘been told’ you are. I pray you may stand strong and faithful, blessed and fulfilled, smart and thoughtful even as I try my best to. I pray you are safe and protected. Because I know I will love you so much. And vice versa. Whoever you are, take extra care because your wifey is here today and many other days thinking and praying for you.

Love always your wife to be!!

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