My love

My love
A deep burning desire
An aching sensation
In my heart of hearts
A longing
A leap in my heart
Dancing to the tune
The tune of love

The image of you
Forever stuck in my brain
Can’t rub it out
Fleeting pictures of time spent
Your smile, your eyes, your hands
Rhythm of the beat goes beyond control
Wishing for you to be near
Even a few feet away
To hear you voice, ur laugh

Reading your body language
Hear you say my name
The name you so love
My fantasy

You maybe far right now
Beyond mountains and borders
Slight possibility of meeting
But one thing I’m sure is
I love you so much
I dream of spending the rest of my life with you
As most people say
You feel it within you
When you find the right one
I think I found him and
He is you

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