To love and to hold Chap2:1

‘Hey man.’
‘Tsup Kelvin, how you doing? And wifey?’
‘We both doing fine. Hey man I need a favour.’
‘I knew it, Kelvin just doesn’t call randomly.’

‘But… Anyway see, Natalie’s friend’s friend’s cousin just came into town, she’s at the airport.’ Kelvin said.
‘Heck no man! You aint setting me up on one of your blind dates again.’

‘No man, check Natalie and I are going out of town tonight. We already scheduled, we have a business venture we have to go sort out.’

‘Kelvin Can’t you go on your own?’

‘No I need her there, she will have to sign some papers and meet potential clients, they want both of us there.’
‘Sigh, what time is her flight landing?’
‘Alright! But you gonna owe me. What’s her name?’

‘Samantha Beddingfield.’
‘So like when I pick her up, ima drop her in a hotel.’
‘Yes, since you’ll be out of town, where will she stay?’
‘That’s the thing, she just came, we weren’t expecting her ands everytime she comes she stays with us.’

‘Could you keep her in yours till we get back?’
‘My crib?’
‘Heck no.’
‘Please Matt, ill pay all extra expenses, I promise.’
‘Ok fine.’
‘Thanx man. See you later.’

4pm I picked Samantha up. She was hot. Had a lovely structure like a model. She was flashy too. Had on a tight top, her well rounded bossom was showing on the top.

Her hips were held nicely in a short black skirt and warm fluffy white boots. Her long black hair was perfect and shiny, looking delicately soft. She walked towards me deliberately swaying her hips from side to side.

‘My bags? I’m Samantha.’

She took off her black shades. And looked at me from head to toe and back, she smiled when she saw my car.

‘Nice ride.’

I walked over put her bags in the boot.

‘You can’t put my gucci bag in the boot. Do you know how expensive they are?’
‘I’m sorry.’

Sighing I carried her heavy bags to the back seat. She stood outside as though she was waiting for something.

‘What are you waiting for?’
‘The door won’t open for itself,dah!’

I opened the door for her.

‘So like Amanda said Natalie was gonna take me shopping.’
‘Well too bad Natalie isn’t here.’
‘Yes but you are here.’
‘So you mean??’
‘Must I spell it out for you? Pull over here.’

She jumped out and I spent the rest of the day in and out of shops. She was very choosy and picky, only went in expensive shops.

By the end of the day I had many bags in my back seat. We were on our way home, when she said she doesn’t cook, we stopped at macdonalds and she bought a salad.

‘I thought you said you were hungry?’
‘Yes I am.’
‘So get something heavy to eat.’
‘This body doesn’t come easy. I eat healthy not those slimy burgers.’

I laughed to myself. The guy this girl will date has got to be strong. I thought to myself.

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