To love and to hold 2:3

‘Mrs Madison, you mean you are being sued?’

‘Yes, after the fire and all now the sue, we hardly have enough money to fix the building, the lights have been off, no money for electricity bills. Its over Matthan, this is all we had, even though it wasn’t all that, we wanted to leave something in our sons name. Now its all gone. All gone.’
‘Do you have a lawyer Mrs Madison?’
‘Yes we were granted one.’
‘No I will look for the best lawyer for you.’

Matt found the best lawyer but they were still losing the case on the last day for them to present a petition, Matt came up with a last minute idea.

‘What if I buy the hospital from you? Ill renovate it, put up electricity but it will stills be in your name.’
‘We can’t aSk that of you, Matt.’

‘See in that way your son will have something to inherit. You will still have your hotel. You can get 100 percent profit. Ill have you sponsored by some big hospital.’
‘No Matt, that’s too much!’ Mrs Madison screamed and walked out of the lounge.

The lounge was warm and cosy, Matt had gone over to see the Madisons.

The couch he sat on was white with green flowers, there were pictures spread all over the wall. A wooden coffee table sat in the middle of the room. There were many antiques too.
Mr Madison sat opposite Matt, looking at him thoughtfully.

‘Son it is wrong of us to burden our problems on you. This is the only thing we will leave for him. Lucy and I will come up with some fundraising to get the hospital fixed, atleast let’s us split 50:50.’
‘No sir, I don’t need the money.’
‘Ok 40:60?’
‘Ok that will do.’
‘I will speak to Lucy.’

The madisons won the case because they had sold the building to Matt.
Mrs Madison with some church members put up a yard sale and cake and candy to raise funds. Mr Madison did some work and over time they had enough to fix the building. Matt also managed to get some funding and a big hospital to sponsor them.

Matt was soon home. Samantha had moved in with him. During one weak moment for Matt, she had persuaded him that she should move in with him. Matt consented.

‘Matt I need some money, the strap for my gucci bag fell off. And my victoria secret perfume is finished.’
‘Sorry I can’t give you that money now.’
‘Matt don’t you love me any more?’
‘I do.’
‘Then why don’t you give me what I need anymore?’
‘What is what you need? I have given you shelter, food, clothing.’
‘I want money, cash, dough, see my pockets are empty.’

Samantha was walking around in a shirt and panties. She was usually half Unclad. Matt could see her long legs. She had just taken a shower and washed her hair. She smelled good.

‘I found a deposit the other day in your tab Matt.’
‘Oh so now you are going through my tablet?’
‘Well yes, what do you expect, I wanted to see where your money is going, because you are not spending on me.’
‘Sigh Samantha, does it always have to be about money?’
‘Yes as long as you getting some, you give me some too. And by giving me some I mean big bucks.’

‘If you must know!’

Matt was beginning to get angry.

‘I have bought a hospital.’
‘a hospital Matt?’

Samantha laughed.

‘What do you need a hospital for?.’
‘I’m helping out some old couple.’
‘So you waist my money on an old couple ?’
‘Your money Samantha??’
‘Yes my money. I’m your girl I’m entitled to half of it.’
‘That’s when we are married.’
‘So then why not?’
‘Why not what Samantha?’
‘Get married? Put a ring on my finger.’
‘We have just been dating for 3 months.’
‘Sure thing you are rich and handsome, what else do I need?’
‘You don’t want to! Fine Matt!’

Samantha began to pack her bags.

‘What are you doing?’
‘Because I don’t want to marry you?’
‘Yes. And you don’t wanna spend on me.’
‘Why you little ungrateful. Sure thing get out and don’t come back.!!!. Gold digger.’
‘By the way matt you are no good in bed, I used to fake all of those screams.’

And she left.

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