To love and to hold-Chap1

Chapter one

Matthan was awoken by a slight tickle on his nose. Brushing it off, he turned to the side. Still the tickle followed him, breathing in deeply he inhaled her smell and smiled. But dint open his eyes, suddenly he pulled her down to him and kissed her. Giggles filled the room.

‘Good morning baby!’ He whispered, his voice husky.
‘Good morning you! Slept well?’ Her sweet voice sung.
‘Yes I did.’
‘Time to get up baby, you will be late if you spend another minute in bed.’ She said.
‘Hmmm, give me five more minutes, ill be up.’

Judging from her voice, he knew he was not going to enjoy the last minutes of sleep. Sighing and stretching, he stood up, kissed her and went to take a shower.

Today again he had dreamt about placing the ring on her finger.
He came out of the shower and a sweet aroma filled the house, he was ushered to the table and sat down. She always emphasized on meals being eaten on the table. Rolled fried Bacon, scrambled eggs, triangular toast bread, a slice of raw tomato and white coffee, his favorite breakfast meal. He gobbled them up like he had not eaten for days.

‘Ill see you during lunch break, Suzanne. I love you.’
‘I love you too, Matt.’

Suzanne was his high school girlfriend and best friend. They were in the same grade. He was the most popular guy at school, but unlike most, he was quiet and faithful. Girls had tried to win over his affection with no luck.

He kept them at a safe distance of being ‘just friends’. Other than Matthans looks, Matt did not pass of as the general ‘high school player boy type’.

Suzanne had a transfer and he set her eyes on her. She dint seem interested. She was this timid, light skinned, beauty who would command attention with her long red highlighted hair. Many of the girls felt threatened by her existence and ignored her.

Matthan was driving to school one day, it was pouring outside and he spotted Suzanne by the taxi rank. She looked flustered. He pulled over and asked her if she wanted a lift.

Suzanne hated being late, she was an hour late for lectures. Having no choice, she sat in his merc compressor. She moved as far as she could away from him and placed her hand lightly on the door handle, incase he tried any funny business.

To her surprise, Matt was calm and reserved. She liked this about him. Soon they became very good friends.

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