To love and to hold Chap1:1

Lunch break

Suzanne stood by the tree, this tree held special memories shared between the two of them. It was huge and had big featherlike leaves around it. Matthan came and saw her leaning against the tree, engrossed in a book. He crept behind her ands covered her eyes with his hands..

‘Hi hun’
‘Hi how was lecture?’
‘Good but a lil boring.’
‘Uhmm Matt, I can’t stay long, Miss Green cut our lunch break short.’

She said chewing on a peanut butter jelly sandwich.

‘I won’t be home in time for supper, will go for a group discussion. See you then.’

Matt watched her walk away. She had a killer structure. The black leggings and purple top she wore did justice to it. Her watched her small behind sway slowly and deliberately even though she walked briskly. Matt smiled.

‘Hello! Matt.’
‘Oh hmmmm, Kelvin hi.’
‘Haha this girl will mess with your mind.’
‘She already has.’
‘Check man, there’s this gig this evening, bring her, let’s bounce there.’ Kelvin Said.
‘No man, I wanted to do something special for her tonight.’
‘Ok, suit yourself, but everyone will be there. Holla, incase you change your mind.’
‘See you around!’ Kelvin said as he walked away

‘Yeah butha.’

Kelvin was Matts close friend. They had grown up together and where like brothers from a different mother.

Matt, Kelvin and Luso hang out together, they walked to class.
After class, Matt rushed home to cook.Peeling potatoes and carrots, boiling mince. And placing them in the oven.

Suzanne came home finally, to her surprise she saw the dining table carefully set, the room was lit up with candles and lights where off. There was a white plate carefully placed, a wine glass and cutlery. And a bowl covered up.

‘Welcome home, milady.’ Matt said as she threw her arms around his neck.

He pulled the chair back and she sat down. Matt had on an apron and a chefs hat. He looked quite ridiculously handsome in them. She sat down, Matt went to the kitchen and brought shepards pie. They sat down to eat. Both kept breaking into smiles and feeding each other. Their eyes glowed with the love the shared.

Afterwards, Matt requested that she lay back and he gave her a massage, his hands effectively shunned the knots in her neck and her feet. Ticking her from time to time and watching her face beam up. They sat together watching a movie.

‘To what do I owe this spoiling?’ Suzanne asked.

Matt just smiled and said
‘To love… I owe it to love. I love you, Suzanne.’
‘Thank you, I love you too.’
Kissing him, they forgot the movie before them and basked in their love.

They dint make it to the bed.

Matthan woke up the next morning, laying on the couch with Suzanne in his arms. Life could not get any better than this. He let his mind wander off to the first time they kissed.

They had gone out with friends for a game of tennis for the girls and badminton for the guys. Suzanne had not yet moved in with him and so he invited her over to rest a little. Throwing the keys on the table, they went straight to the kitchen and poured a glass of water and a snack.

They had been chatting and arguing over the games while Suzanne cleaned up. Matt stood by the sink quietly watching her. She noticed Matt silence and looked up at him. She smiled shyly. He dint move just starred at her.

‘Ok, enough with the starring Matt, you freaking me out.’

He took a step closer to her, wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. Suzanne stopped in mid air. He smelled her hair. She turned around and he kissed her cheek.

She smiled and looked down. Trying to free herself from his grip, they play wrestled for a while and till finally, without even noticing it, his lips covered hers. The room brightened up even though their eyes were closed. Fireworks sparkled and soft music that only they could hear played. She responded, he held her tightly, squeezed her and let her go.

Taking two steps back, his eyes were heavy and hers were closed shut. When she opened them, he was smiling at her. She smiled back. They stood there for a minute speechless.


The slight movement of his tongue on his lips silenced her. Walked to the lounge and played some music. Taking her hand, he pulled her to him and they swayed slowly together. Buried in this stupor, their hearts beating rapidly, he whispered in her ear.

‘I love you Suzanne.’
‘You know I love you Matt.’
‘No not in the best friend kind of way. I love you deeper than that. You are the first thing that I think of every morning. Your name just pops in my head a million times during the day. When I smile you name is the first thing that smiles with me in my head. When I’m with you, I’m peaceful, my heart is rested. Iv dreamed of kissing your lips. My friends are tied of hearing your name randomly pop up in conversation. I always look forward to seeing you…’

Suzanne cut him short with a deep kiss. And she said

‘I love you the same way Matt.’

They continued to sway together. Each happy to have expressed their feelings

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