To love and to hold-Chap1:2

A movement on the couch woke up him from his thoughts. Suzanne had awoken. He loved to be the first she saw when she opened her eyes. He loved the first moments when she looked around lost, and regained consciousness after a while.
Holding her in his arms and kissing her on her neck, he wished her good morning.

Friday evening I was tired of staying indoors, felt I needed a time out with the boys. We set a date. I rushed home, luckily Suzanne wasn’t there. A quick change, that’s basically changing my shirt into a more casual one and spraying perfume. I left a note for Suzanne.

Stepping outside, I received a call:

‘Sorry mahn, I can’t make it.’
‘Kelvin but we agreed.’
‘Yeah I rushed home to change my shirt n I found Natalie waiting for me, she’s looking hot. I can’t pass this up.’
‘Ok man, what the heck.’
‘Call Luso.’
‘Later, she’s calling me.’

I dailed for Luso, the phone barely rang before he picked it up

‘Hey man, I’m at Kelvins will pick u up in 10 mints.’
‘Uhmmm I already have plans!’
‘Does it involve going out? I can’t last another minute indoors.’
‘I’m not sure if its something you can like, are you sure you can go for anything?’
‘Sure man. See in a bit.’

I hoped into my car and like a flash of lightening, I reached Luso’s house.
He had on a pink top and some skinnys.

‘New look?’
‘Yeah man, jus trying a lil bit of this and that.’
‘So were we going?’
‘You’ll see.’

We drove out of campus and into town, I had been to town many times but this area was very different. We saw a club and I smiled. Luso had discovered a new place. Spotting parking we got out of the car and went in.

When Luso said it was not something I would prefer it definately was. I halted when we stepped in and all I saw where men, some halfly dressed, some in dresses, make up, bright colored clothes and wigs on their heads. One of them bumped into me and when I turned to speak, s/he flattered his eyes at me covered in a pink shaw.

Whispering, I asked Luso what this was. He just smiled, held my hand and continued walking. He stopped in the middle of the dance floor, pulled me to him, and grabbed my behind.
I pulled back. He must have lost his mind.

‘What the heck?’
‘Sorry man, I was checking if you had the car keys.’
‘By grabbing me in the untouchables?’
‘Big mistake, sorry.’

I rushed to the bar. Asked for the strongest drink and was soon galloping cup after cup. I began to feel a little whossy. Luso came and sat by me, he looked wonderful, he starred at me funny and brought his head closer to mine.

He kissed me. Immediately I punched his nose. I somehow managed to get out, got in the car and drove off, not bothering to think how Luso was gonna get home.
I reached home. Walked in noisily.

Suzanne noticed my drank state, she looked at me hurt. And went to bed. She placed my pillow and a duvet on the floor, banged the door and I heard a click. Great! Figured out I wasn’t going in my room today, I went to the couch and slept.

‘Let’s beat him up.’

I was in the middle of a huge room filled with big men, they had all sorts of shovels and hoes, gardening tools. I looked down at myself. I was Unclad. My hands flew to cover whatever I could.

‘Let’s chop off his finger.’ Luso said.
‘No let’s chop off his eye, then he will never see again.’ Another man said.
‘No let’s chop off his tail…’

A loud bang made me jump.

Good, it was just a dream. Though the bang sounded real. I checked myself to see if everything was still intact. They were still intact.

I was awoken by pots banging in the kitchen. Good, it was just a dream. Though the bang sounded real. I checked myself to see if everything was still intact. They were still intact.

A sharp pain went through my head. Why was I on the couch? Suzanne came in the living room with a big frying pan in her hand. Observing by the flare on her face, I knew I was in deep soup. The first thought that came in my mind was ‘she’s gonna hit me with the pan’. Using the pillow as a shield, I abruptly sat up.

‘Where were you last night? The last time I checked a study date doesn’t make you drank.’
‘I…. I was at Kelvins, and we had a bottle or two. What’s that bang?’
‘A drink or two, u had a drink or two. A drink or two doesn’t make you drank.’
‘Look I’m still trying to figure out what happened last night.’
‘You see, you don’t remember because you were dead drank. Kelvin called me last night, he was asking were u were. Now why would Kelvin call when you are with him?’
‘I don’t know, maybe we were both too drank.’

She raised her finger at me.
‘Sigh, I gotta go for my presentation.’
‘Is that today? Oh Suzanne I’m sorry I forgot. If I could just…’
‘Your already too late. I gotta go now.’
‘Ok ill see you later…’

She had already banged the door. I got up, took a bath, some aspring and something to eat.
My keys were not in their usual place on the table. Last night was a blur. I turned the house upside down in search of my keys. I called Suzanne her line was off. Obviously she was still in her presentation.

I waited for what seemed like eternity, finally at lunch time, she called.

‘Yes Matt?’
‘Have you seen my car keys?’
‘Aren’t they on the table?’
‘No they aren’t.’
‘Sorry I haven’t seen them.’

Now where did I put those keys? And what happened last night?
I walked outside to the parking spot, my car was not there. Getting worried I called all my friends, maybe this was some kinda game. I even called Luso, he dint pick up.

At 7pm, Suzanne reluctantly walked in the house.

‘I can’t find my keys Suzanne.’

She threw my keys on the table.

‘Why did you get my keys Suzanne?’

She simply walked to the room, shut the door and I heard the click sound. Whatever had gotten into her mind I don’t know. An hour later, she appeared. Her eyes were puffy.

‘Suzanne, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?’

‘Its nothing, Matt.’
‘Nothing! Your eyes are red and puffy. You say nothing. Look if its about yesterday.’
‘Yes exactly, where were you last night?’
‘I was at Kelvin’s..’
‘Please, I met Natalie and do you know what she was telling me? Please guess with me…’


‘Well she was telling me what a lovely night she had with Kelvin. So how come you were with Kelvin, when Kelvin was between sheets with Natalie?’

Shoot, Matt had forgotten that Natalie and Suzanne were friends.

‘You? Luso called me!’
‘Did he? What did he say?’
‘He says you were drank and you took him to this weird club and made a pass at him.’

Matt laughed. Suzanne looked at him shocked.

‘Is that really what he said?’
‘Did I say something funny?’ Suzanne asked.
‘Look, never in my wildest dreams ever dreamed of kissing Luso or any of that sort. No matter how drank I am.’

Suddenly Matt screamed, Suzanne ran to him

‘Matt, Matt, what’s wrong’
‘My head! Sharp pain.’

Suzanne ran to the kitchen got some pain killers and brown hot water bottle.
Suzanne practically shoved the pain killers down Matts throat, put the cloth over his head and held him in her arms like a little baby, rocked him and sang a lullaby for him.

‘Are you better now?’
‘Yes! It was just a sharp passing pain.’
‘Ok gOod!’

She quickly stood up, almost
knocking Matt over.

‘I remember now, I went over to Kelvins but he said Natalie had surprised him with a visit.’
‘Yes, she told me that.’
‘So I called Luso and after persuading him, he agreed to take me with him. I trusted Luso so I dint ask him where we going. We went out of campass into town. To this strange club, and I was too shocked and went to the bar. I dint even notice the bottle on my lips, Luso came and he kissed me, he kissed me. So I punched him and I drove home. But I had already taken one too much bottles, I drove straight home and that’s it. Ok. So there’s no reason to cry.’

Matt explained, his voice rose with every word he spoke.

‘Funny you believed what Luso said. How? Since when were Luso and you phone buddies? I mean all my life I have prefered girls, even now I still do. So if Luso wants to go that way then its cool. But he should not drag me into his lies. And you were very silly to believe him. I can have any if not all girls in the world…’

When Matt noticed Suzannes eyes on his he quickly added

‘But of course I choose not to.’

Good save.

Suzanne sat down with her hands on her face for 30 mints, Matt even thought she had dozed off. When Suzanne looked up, she had this strange look in her eyes. Matt was frightened. He tried to reach for her hands but she got up and went to the bedroom.
Matt followed her and found her packing.

‘Baby please, I’m sorry, ill never drink ever again, I know how much you hate it. I promise, ill never touch a bottle ever, please don’t leave me.’

‘Its my mother Matt.’
‘Your mother? What’s wrong?’

He took her hands off the floral shirt she was going to pack and looked into her eyes. She could barely look at him and her eyes were filled with tears.

‘My mother is sick Matt, I gotta go home to take care of her. She…she’s….its cancer.’
She said through sobs and whispering.

‘Cancer? Since when? I’m so sorry Suzanne.’
‘Its getting wore. She’s going to die Matt, I wanna be
there when she leaves. I’m stopping school so ill use the fees to take care of her.’

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