To love and to hold: Chap1:3

‘My mother is sick Matt, I gotta go home to take care of her. She…she’s….its cancer.’
She said through sobs and whispering.

‘Cancer? Since when? I’m so sorry Suzanne.’
‘Its getting worse. She is stopping chem and going to morphine. She’s going to die Matt, I wanna be
there when she leaves. I’m stopping school to take care of her. I will use my fees to take care of her. She and Suzzete are the only ones I have, now she’s leaving me… Matt, I love you so much, always remember this. Ok.’
‘No baby don’t talk like that, I will always love you.’
‘Can I ask you a favour?’
‘Anything Suzz.’
‘Move on without me.’

Matt was stunned.

‘Wait, wait are you breaking up with me?’
‘It will be easier, I don’t think we will ever see each other again. Incase we don’t ever…’
‘No Suzanne don’t talk like that please. I wanna be there for you now, you’ll need a shoulder….’

Suzanne shut her suitcase. Kissed him deeply with tears running down her cheeks, she opened the door and left.

‘Wait, Suzanne!’

Matt followed her outside.

‘Lemme atleast give you transport. We will talk about us later. Just go take care of your mum. I will call you. Be strong. She needs you to be strong for her. Pass my regards.’

Suzanne looked up at him, he could see confusion mixed with guilt and a deep sadness in her eyes. She turned and left.

Matt went inside and sat down onto the carpet. The room suddenly felt way bigger and Matts world seemed to come crushing down with a big thud. A lot of thoughts were going through his head. He had no idea what was going on but deep down his heart he knew it was over and permanent.

Suzanne and Matt sat in the plane back to campass, they had come to Paris on a field trip. Matt had persuaded Suzanne to stay with him in Paris over the weekend but the 2 days had resulted into a week.

‘Suzz, thank you for staying with me. I really enjoyed spending time with you. Especially last night… Last night wasn’t just about laying together. It was uhmmm different.’
‘How different?’

‘Well firstly it was the first time wev been alone for so long uninterrupted. All my focus was on you. You too. my heart, body and soul were with you. And you too. And last night, mmm, last night. It was your first time. And when you had dozed off, I was too excited and I sat there holding you. And flashes of our best moments together like that moment by the lake, and the first time we kissed. I wanted and want to do this with you more often.’

‘Like romantic trips?’
‘Yes, more of that and….’
‘And more of having you around, sleeping next to you, seeing you so peaceful. Holding you any time I want.’
‘What are you saying baby?’
‘I’m saying Suzz, can we move in together’

‘What do you think? Did you enjoy our time together?’
‘I did. You are asking me to move in Matt, do you know what that means? Hehehe no more having girls over when I aint around.’
‘No Suzanne since we started dating, iv never allowed any girl over in my house or any were else. Its you who I see. I’m devoted to you. No flirts, flings, spare wheels ort anything of that sort. I love you and I want more of this.’
‘Uhmm ok sure, I’d love to move in with you.’

Matt was awoken by a knock on the door. It had been a month since Suzanne had walked out of the door. Since then he had not heard from her, not seen her, her line was always off. Many times he had gone to her mothers house, and always found noone at her house. Matt was worried sick. Indeed it was over. Just like that!

‘Matt open the door.’
‘Ok ok, I’m coming, geez Kelvin.’
‘Man, you sleeping this time??’
‘What time is it?’
‘Kelvin have you heard from Suzanne? Or even seen her?’
‘No man. Are you still stuck on her? Dude she’s moved on and left you.’

Matt broke down to tears.

‘How? I thought she’s the one. She said yes when I proposed to her. Then she just leaves me like this.’

‘I know man love is complicated. But you can’t keep doing this to yourself. You will go mad. Come let’s go for a ride. Geesz man your breathe stinks. Brush up, wash up. Let’s go. You will make it. We will make it together. Natalie broke up with me. So we riding in the same boat.’

‘You and Natalie? I dint know’
‘Yeah she left, but you don’t see me crying over her. Yes it hurts, it stings, but man up butha, man up.!’

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