To love and to hold: Chap2

Matt graduated a year and a half later with a degree in medicine. He soon found a well paid job as an orthodontist in one of the best hospitals in town.

His brillant grades allowed him easy entry into the working arena. He decided to move to Kansas city, closer to Suzannes home incase life brought her in his sights one day.

Matt was living his dreams except his love life was empty. Leisure times where spent at the library, hanging out with Kelvin, at the park taking beautiful pictures. Matt had a love for nature. Since that incident with Luso, he never saw him again.

Kelvin was happily married to Natalie for 3 months. They had gotten back together after that short hiccup in their relationship. Kelvin had just come back from his honeymoon.

He worked in finance, consulting and accounts.
Matt had gone on several blind dates his mother and Kelvin had set him up on. Each ended in a total disaster.

He had meet all sorts of girls, ‘the stalker, ‘weirdo’, ‘baby mamma’, ‘nerd’, ‘marry me now’ ‘desperates’ types. He felt drained and stopped trying. And then engrossed himself in work. Late night shifts, anything.

Matt had worked at 2 big hospitals and one where he worked for free. He was just a call away. The last hospital was a small one deep in kansas city.

The hospital was left abandoned, dint not have any money to hire big doctors. So it was run by an old couple. They were once rich, but all their money had been wasted when they were much younger. They only had pain killers which were donated to them by bigger hospitals.
It was placed near a construction site. Therefore many people came in with broken bones. When Matt was driving around one morning, he spotted the hospital. His heart went out to it and he decided to volunteer at it.

It was called ‘Madison General Hospital’ even though it was called hospital, the services granted was one of a small clinic. Matt would occasionally take some food and medicines.


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