To love and to hold Chap2:2

‘Eish Kelvin, you said 2 days, I can’t stand this spoilt little brat. A five year old girl is easier to handle. She doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean up after herself, I know she’s a visitor but this aint a hotel. And gosh she can shop like crazy.’

‘Sorry Matt, see we thought we were gonna settle staff but we still negotiating. Hold one man. We will soon and or she will be soon gone.’
‘That’s before she makes me go mad.’
‘I gotta go, talk later.’

‘Hey, I’m going to watch a movie on the couch. Come join me, iv got popcorn.’
‘I aint watching chic flicks, Samantha.’
‘Its not, you’ll love this one.’

We sat one the couch and she snuggled against me. Light bulbs shot up in my head, it had been long since a girls small soft fingers touched me. So I let her.

Kelvin and Natalie reappeared 3 days later. The room filled up with screeches and screams.
Kelvin pulled me aside.

‘What’s happening?’
‘Where Kelvin?’
‘Between you and dirty, spoilt, gold digger here? I can see those open glances.’
‘I dint say she is a gold digger.’
‘But she is right…oh heck no you dint!’
‘Shhhh,dint what??’
‘You slept with her, come on we have just been gone five days and you sleep with some bimbo girl?’
‘She’s no bimbo, it just happened, she crept in my bed and began to kiss me and touch me. Its been long since I felt that. She’s a freak between sheets.’

‘Man, you gotta be careful, I heard rumours that she left her ex boyfriend, Paul brooks, broke, spent all his money and left him broke at the altar.’
‘Paul brook? The famous basketball player? Don’t worry Kel, I’m not into her like that, and I’m careful.’
‘Yes man, If she can leave a guy like that! What more you whose not that rich nor famous.’
‘Don’t worry.’
‘Your call man. Your call.’

A month later. Phone rings

‘Matthan! You gotta come quick’
‘Mrs Madison.What’s wrong? Is there anything wrong?’
‘Its the hospital, a fire started and half of the top floor…..’

Her voice broke, clearly she was crying.

‘Hold on, ill be there in 15 minutes.’

Matt was soon at the hospital, the fire truck was putting out the last signs of the fire. Half oth the building was in ashes. Many people in beds and with dialysis stood outside. They were all shocked, some were crying. There was police and paraplegics. The street was filled with people. Matt made his way through the crowds and found Mrs Madison. He hugged her.

‘Oh Matt everything happened so quick. One of our patients had switched on a candle, the lights had gone, we were still trying to get the generator working. He slept, the candle fell, and boom fire, the alarms went off and everything.’

‘I’m so sorry Mrs Madison. I haven’t been around here that much, been so busy, I should have come maybe I would have been around when the fire started.’

‘No Matthan, don’t blame yourself. I guess its Gods timing. You have been nothing but good to us. You have been helpful.’ Mr Madison said, who had been trying to sooth Mrs Madison.

Mr Madison was short and plum, in contrast to Mrs Madison who was a bit tall and slim. They dint look that bad as a couple. The love they shared was very strong. Strengthened by love and hardships in life.

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