To love and to hold-Prologue


Out in the sun, with the wind slightly blowing sat Mizzy and I. Her long flashy eye lashes kept flattering at me. The scene is a perfect one for romance. My mind is travelling a thousand miles per minute:

angry me:’why did I suggest a picnic in a park? Well I thought they would be too many people and we would just end up canceling because of the crowds and the kids making too much noise.’

Romantic me:’Oh my word she’s so beautiful. It wouldn’t hurt to grab her and kiss her ever so deeply….’

The grass is green, in the middle of spring. The flowers are blossoming, highlights of colorful roses, daisys and sunflowers brighten up the park. We sat in the middle of it with a picnic basket and a blanket. Mizzy said she would handle the food when I had called her two nights ago.

Mizzy, I met her in a library, I go often to sit, read and forget the world about me. Two weeks ago, I had this strong urge to go to the library. I did not need any books because I had borrowed some which I was still reading.

I tried to ignore this feeling but it over powered me. The next thing I knew I was bathing and all dressed up. In my small red audi A1, I drove half aware to the library. It was when I opened the door that I realised I did not have a purpose for this visit to the library.

But never-the-less, I got in and went straight to the romance section. Got a few books and went to the back of the room. I had discovered a little spot here, with a plopped up pillow and a little table, I usually folded my legs and sat here.

Today was different because I saw someone sitting there. Slightly irritated that someone had discovered my spot, I made a speech in my mind to tell this person off.

‘Mmmmmm… ‘

Clearing my throat so that this person would look up at me. No head raised, I began to examine my opponent incase this opponent turned out bigger than me. A blue hat sat on the head of this stranger, brown hair spilled out of the sides. A blue jumper and blue jeans. She sat the exact same way I sit, comfortable in my chair.

‘Excuse me,’ I said.

She simply raised a well manicured, pink polished finger at me. After what took eternity, she looked up at me.

Taken aback, I looked into the brown, big eyes. She had this look like she had just woken up from a dream. Her nose was small with full, plum lips. Her lips were well pronounced. Her chin had a line in on the middle of her chin. I believed its called double chin and dimples. Clearly she was mad for being interrupted and stared at.

‘Yes, can I help you?’ She said.

‘I….I … Ermmmmm…’

‘Youuuuu? What?’ She responded sharply.

‘I am Matthan, what’s your name?’ I found myself asking.

‘Mizzy, I am not a librarian!’ She said.

‘Izzy, lizzy, or whatever your name is, Mizzy, you are sitting in my spot.’ I said, once I had cleared my throat.

‘Come on, your sit? I did not see any reserved sign on it. Are you the manager of the library? Mr Matthan?’

‘ No I’m not manager, I found this spot first, so its mine, I even dragged one cushion and set this spot up for myself.’ I said sharply.

‘Please, the last time I checked this is a public library. ‘

Clicking my tongue, I threw the books on the table and walked out.
I got in the car and drove off. I went stopped on the first robot, turned left, at the next robot, turned left again, but I drove back to the library.

Frustrated with myself I stopped the car and sat for a good 15 minutes, I debated going back inside the library.

Luckily, she came out of the library, taking dainty little steps. I got out of the car so fast, my foot got stuck in the seatbelt and before I knew it I was on the floor. I looked up at her hoping she hadn’t noticed but she did, giggling and trying to hold back the giggles she came and helped me off.

‘Be careful next t… Its you again.’ Mizzy said.

‘Yes Mizzy, its me again. Look I… I wanted to ask for your number I can call you sometime.’

Clicking her tongue again,:

‘you think I will give you my number after the encounter in the library? What do you want my number for?’

I stammered : ‘look lady, I know what I did… But… But … I want your number to call you. Anyway never mind Miss Mizzy.’

We stood there fuming and looking intimidatingly at each other.
She burst into fits of laughter.

‘Why are you laughing Mizzy?? Is there something on my face?’

‘No, but this is silly, we are arguing over some little chair like little kids. Ok, give me your number, I will call you.’

I smiled and gave her my number. Got the phone from her hand and called my line, to make sure I had her number too.

‘Thank you, I will call you.’

Without waiting for an answer I turned got in my car, waved a little and drove away.
I left her stunned. Pulling up around the corner, I left the car in the middle of the road, prayed noone would bump into it and carefully hid myself so I could stare at her. She simply got up and walked off. Saving her number on my phone, I immediately credited my account and fought the urge to call her.

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