TL and TH 4:2

The next morning I awoke and found Suzanne next to me. She looked so peaceful in her sleep. Her red hair mashed around the pillow and she had a little smile. I shoke my head thinking I’m dreaming.
I was about to call her name when she woke up. Just then I remembered this is Mizzy and not Suzz. I hadn’t really noticed how much they looked alike.

Mizzy asked me about what happened with my ex. I figetted played with her hair a bit, looking for a way to explain to my current about my ex without hurting my current.

‘Well uhmmmm we met in high school. Then we moved the same college. She then moved in with me, we got engaged. She was everything to me. I gave her everything, I shared everything with her….’

My voice broke.

‘then one night, I came home drank. It was all a mistake, She hated drinking. N an ex friend told her lies.’

Mizzy put her hands on my shoulder and began to massage my stiffening neck.

‘Go on.’
‘The next day she was so upset, she took my keys all day, came home straight to her room. She was crying and asked me wat happened, when I remembered I told her, she went to her room n began packing her clothes. I thought she was leaving because she was upset. I apologised, begged her to stay. She said her mother had cancer, so she’s dropping out of school to go take care of her. She told me to move on and left.’

I had tried avoiding the tears, but they became to heavy for my eyes to hold, they fell like fire on my cheeks.

‘She left, she blocked her number, I followed her to her mums house, noone showed. No trace no sign, blocked number, every chat site that we shared, she blocked. I moved to this town to get closer to her. I met her mother in the hospital, her mum did not have cancer in her files. she lied to me, all just lies,Suzanne lied to me.’

‘Did d…d did u say Suzanne?’
‘Yes, Suzanne Gates.’
‘Oh my God!’

Mizzy screamed.

‘I I I have to leave, I forgot something.’
‘Mizzy wait.’
She had already left.

What! What’s going on? I mention Suzanne and she freaks out.

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