TL and TH 5

Mizzy had been avoiding me. I had stopped by her apartment many times. I always found no one home.

Her phone was constantly on voicemail. I began to worry and get worked up. Why had she left when I mentioned Suzz? Why did I even tell her what happened? Who was Suzz to her? I spent almost all day sitting in my room, on the blue carpeted floor, pondering. I even began to have nightmares.

The next two weeks where a nightmare. I dreamt Suzz was in the toilet, holding Mizzy by her hair, she kept dipping Mizzys head in the toilet. I tried to stop her, but I was too late. Again I dreamt that Suzz and Mizzy had wanted the same man.

He was rich and powerful. When this man had chosen Mizzy over her, Suzz had left the country out of fury, never to return. I even dreamt worse that Mizzy and Suzz had shared a terrible past together, or they were secret lovers, till Suzz had fallen for me. Mizzy was too jealous, got rid of her and came after me.

I woke up panting, my head was spinning, I couldn’t concentrate on work, so I got two weeks leave. That’s unless emergencies occurred. I would walk around my room, aimlessly in pajamas and a robe. I dint answer the door, sometimes I would drive up in a mad stupor. I would dash to Mizzyz house and bang on the door, screaming all sorts of ill words, to get Mizzy angry and open the door. Cause if she did then I would demand explanations.

I couldn’t take another person walk out on me, leaving me to my thoughts and these dreams. What kind of man was I that women always left in a rush, no regrets.
A month later, I called Kelvin and begged him to set us up. Then Mizzy would be forced to see me and talk. If it meant pulling out her tongue, I would do that.

Kelvin agreed after I made up a convincing story that I had upset her and she did not want to see me, I wanted to apologize. My head felt like it was going to explode. My beards had grown and I looked rather shaggy.

When Kelvin called that he had set the meeting up, I rushed to the bathroom, cut my beards, took a thorough bath and teeth whitening. I dressed smart and rushed to Kelvins home.

Kelvin and Natalie had organised themselves a date night and needed baby sitting. The baby sitter was busy. According to Kelvin. So they needed baby Matts godparents to watch him for the night. They claimed not to trust me enough, to know the feeding times, bath times, story times etc. Mizzy agreed after much hesitation. She found me waiting.

I had on a collar shirt and some blue jeans. I made it look like I had knocked off from work. Mizzy had on a short summer dress. It hugged her hips and her bossom perfectly. When she bended to kiss the baby, I could see more than a good view of her soft, light bossom. She had gained a few pounds in the hip area and her face looked plum and rosier. I wanted to grab her kiss her and take her to bed immediately.

But considering the baby and the pressing matter, I refrained from it. I walked to the bathroom to gain composer. Lots of thoughts went through my mind. She goes quiet then comes dressed seductively. What on earth was she thinking?

I walked out of the toilet. I found Mizzy bending and playing with baby Matt. Her dress had gone up. I wanted to run my fingers on her bare thigh. I froze, trying to stop the dirty thoughts and tingles running through me. Mizzy realised I had stepped in, she quickly grabbed babys blanket and covered herself. I was kinda glad that she had stopped the thoughts. But disappointed still that she stopped them.

‘So how are you? Mizzy?’

I’m alright. He messed my dress, I gotta go change. His done eating. You can put a cartoon. The sounds are good for him.’

She walked off to Natalies room. Emerged eternity later with a long black skirt and a jumper. Seeing her dressed like this just multiplied the many thoughts going through my mind.

She seemed a bit offish. She dint want to touch me or look at me. She only talked about baby, nothing else. I played along till Matt went to bed. Now was time to sort things out.

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2 thoughts on “TL and TH 5

    1. Hehe, you have a very realistic imagination, I’m glad my writing has captured you in that way. That’s every inspiring writers dream. I’m grateful for your comments. Very encouraging


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