TL and TH 3:3

I sat in the hospital, this time wasn’t as a doctor but in the waiting room. I sat with Mrs Madison. I felt sorry for her, she had been crying all night. Her eyes held deep sadness, it hurt me to look at her. She sat still for more than an hour now, starring into space. Any doctor who passed, she rushed to him or her, demanding if he was fine.

Mr Madison had had a heart attack. They were sitting in the sitting room, after a busy day in the hospital. And he began to scream out in pain, he placed his hand on his heart and collapsed.

Mrs Madison did not know how to drive so she quickly called me. Her son was on his way. I had held her at night while she cried. But now she seemed distant. She refused to let me hold her. She sat alone in a corner shriveled.

‘His gone.’

She whispered. Just then the doctor came, I got up, but Mrs Madison just sat there in the corner looking into space. The doctor simply shook his head. Mrs Madison did not move.

I went to her thinking she did not hear the doctor, I told her his gone. She did not move. Her face was white, her eyes were wide open. I checked her pulse. And called the nurse. They put her on a drip.

‘Don’t worry, its shock. She will be ok soon.’

I sat now twice as worried.

‘Hi, where’s my mother?’
‘She.. She… She’s on drip.’
‘She was shocked. Iv never seen anything like it. She will be fine.’
‘My name is Christopher. I’m their son.’
‘Matt, I work with them.’
‘Yes, they wrote a letter to me. Thank you for what youv done for us.’
‘Its no problem. Mrs Madison has thanked me enough.’

He sat down next to me quiet. I could imagine what was going on through his mind. Being called from war that your father is sick. Coming and finding him dead, And his mother in deep shock. I could only imagine.

Mizzy walked in and boy was I glad to see her. I hugged her and we took a walk outside.

‘I never knew hospitals were this depressing. Iv never been on the other side waiting. The suspence is killing. When she…when she… Gosh she looked as though she had seen a ghost. Lost breath. Her eyes stuck to the roof.’

Mizzy hugged me again. She held my hand and we went to get some coffee. She sat quietly with me.

The funeral lasted 3 days. He was a good man. Many people came. At the end, people from the church stayed behind to help cleaning up and comfort Mrs Madison. She looked so frail. She could hardly walk nor talk.
Christopher stayed for 3 weeks and had to go back. He was a cool person. He liked the renovations in the hospital building. We became friends.

Mrs Madison was sad to see him go but proud that he was doing it for the country. I drove him to the airport and watched his plane leave. Mrs Madison was confined to the house as doctors ordered. I decided I’d be going to see her frequently.

Her health declined. She caught every bug passing around. She became a mother and a mentor to me. Sometimes we would sit quietly for the whole day. And I would have a hard time leaving her.

Other times she would be very busy, baking, cleaning the house, cooking anything to get her hands busy. By the end of the day she would be so tired and slept on the couch. I would carry her and tack her in.


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