TL and TH 4

Mizzy and I had grown quite close. We would chase each other round the house. I would spend the night on her couch. We would hug. anything just like all best friends would do.

But when I realised that I was falling for her, things became awkward for me. I avoided her hugs and the tickle fights we would have. I avoided her at any costs.
Natalie was having a baby shower, Mizzy and Natalie had become best friends in their own girly way.

Their friendship depended during Natalies pregnancy, as Mizzy was always there when Kelvin was clueless. Natalie had even requested that Mizzy and I be the childs godparents. We also organised some sort of celebration for their first child.

That meant spending lots more time with Mizzy.

We had been making invitation cards all day in my house. Before we knew it, it was too dark outside for Mizzy to go home. I had successfully avoided any closeness with her even though our hands kept brushing against each other.

She ordered pizza and sat on the couch, ready to watch a movie. I had pretended to be doing last touches on the cards, till she called me to watch.
I went and sat on the other couch, she looked at me shocked. We usually snuggled together in the little blanket.

She stood up and followed me on that one, I tried my best to fill all the space on the couch, but Mizzys petite body filled the tiny space I left. She wore black shorts and a black top. They shaped her body well. The movie began and I tried to ignore her. It was romantic comedy so her laughter boomed through it, I was so hungry and began to eat the pizza, anything to distract my attention.

Though that meant sitting real close together. I suddenly got a pillow and placed it between us, because I could feel the heat passing from her body to mine. She looked at me sternly, got up, with her hands on her hips, pretty much the way Suzz had done when she was mad.

‘Matt, what the hell is wrong with you? Maybe its a bad idea for me to stay thiS long.’

I shifted the pillow to my thighs and cleared my thought, trying to sound as normal as possible.

‘No its not.’
‘Then what’s wrong?’

I cleared my throat again

‘Its nothing, let’s finish the movie.’

She sat down irritated.

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