TL and TH 4:1

She got up more than twice to go to the bathroom. I sat there still with the pillow on my lap. When she came back, she sat down again. I don’t remember what she said but I had to turn and look at her, her face was inches away from mine. I swarm in those beautiful hazel eyes.

‘Why Matt?,…’

She whispered.

‘Do you need your glasses? Your eyes are blazing red.’
‘Uhmmm.. No I I don’t need them thanx.’

We stared for sometime, I placed my hand on her knee and held it tightly. She pushed my hand up to her thigh. Well, so clearly I wasn’t the only one feeling issues. The movie wasn’t helping. I stood up and left to the bathroom.

‘Try to compose yourself.’

I wet my face, wiped it off and went to the getting heated room.
Sitting down, I placed my hand back on her thigh. She took a deep breathe. And placed her hand on top of mine. I don’t know what was happening in the movie, nor what was happening to Mizzy…. But I knew one thing in common. She stood up again.

‘I gotta go, Matt, I can’t stay here, otherwise….’

This time I pulled her down to me, we shared a hot steamy kiss. I felt like a hot liquid ran down my lips into my mouth, she threw her head back and I deepened the kiss. I suddenly pulled back. She looked at me.

We sat there shocked. I did not have to say anything because I spilled all the emotion that I had held back. She read my face and gasped. She also held the same intense emotion….. The expression I held was much much more than romance. My heart beat rapidly, my palms were sweaty. The pillow hid me well though.

I placed my head in my palm. She came closer and tried removing my fingers.
But they stuck like super glue. She wrapped her hands around me while tears spilled down my cheeks. My body Shook and she could tell I was crying.

She held me for the whole night. Just held me n occasionally kissed my hands. I slept like this, too exhausted from the days events and to have finally shown this emotion, I had fought back. Plus to hold back when Mizzy was so close.

I was afraid, my heart had been toiled with many times. Mizzy understood that. And she was there for me all night long. I had never wept like this. Seems like I had a river of tears waiting to spill out.

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