TLandTH (to love and to hold) 3:2

We kept texting back and forth. One text stood out

‘I know youv been hurt Matt, I read the sadness in your eyes. Iv gone through staff and maybe we can each quietly help each other overcome them.’

This one I saved in my heart, where it will not get lost nor deleted. Mizzy and I became close friends. A relationship nor a friendship was equivalent to what we shared. She understood me when I did not have the right words to say. She showed up when life was bringing me down. Many people on first glance thought that we were dating, or even close engaged.

We would laugh it off or accept to the old naïve old couples who insisted we looked good together. I was also there for her on her quiet days, during her lonely days, her moody days and sick days. The bond we shared was real and deep. I cannot describe it. Words cannot put to justice how we connected.

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