To love and to hold 2:4

The next patient came in but Matts mind was on the patient before. She was striking, and something about her reminded him of Suzanne, she had the same eyes. Yes’ its the eyes, her red hair, the way she walked even though she had a slight stoop and a limp. What was her name? Mrs S. Gates. Suzanne was also S. Gates….

‘Yes nurse?’
‘Your next patient?’
‘Yes, please send them in.’

After five more patients Mrs Gates came back with her xray.

‘Sorry, I got lost. You know old age is making me forget easily. I told the nurse I will manage on my own’

She too laughed just like Suzz…

‘Mam, I may have to keep you here for a while. It was a bad strain.’

Her face fell. Her hazel eyes became smaller, her lower lip pushed forward. She looked like a small kid who made a baby face when they did not get what they want.

‘Its just for a few days. It will be better in time. Just need to observe it and to check if we can remove some of that fluid. It went to the wrong place.’
‘Ok doctor, ill ring my daughter, she will bring a few necessities.’
‘Yes doctor’
‘Please show madam Gates to the admittance room, is her chair by the door?’
‘Yes it is doctor, this way mam.’
‘Uhmm nurse, that’s all I will see for today.’
‘Yes doctor.’
‘I will also need a change of sheets.’

Matt went through Mrs Gates file, she was healthy enough. This woman was strong. He checked her first name, and it was Suzanne.
He was at the Madison hospital. He now had his own office to work from. His office was neat and white.

All books were staked nicely, the wall was decorated with educational health postures, at one corner sat a brown,wooden desk and 3 chairs beside it. At the other corner stood a few stools and a bed. Matt preferred his office neat and clean. He was always very cautious about dirt and germs. The white gloves he had on where never smudged.
He knocked off and drove home. Deep in thought.

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