To love and to hold 2:4

The last I heard of Samantha, barely two weeks ago. She was engaged to some old sickly man old enough to be her grandfather.

Hospital renovations was finally finished. The Madisons church helped fundraise money. I found good and affordable constructions and we transformed the hospital. I brought in new sheets and bought a generator. I was happy to be a part of this. The transformation of the hospital was worth the long spent hours of cleaning, painting, shouting orders and giving instructions. We brought in marble floors. The renovations attracted more voluntary specialist Doctors and we hired a few good heartfelt nurses.


“Mrs Gates, I am Doctor Matthan. Tell me what happened. This is quite a bad sprain.”

A rosy beautiful petite red head young at heart lady sat in front of him on a wheel chair. Her knee was all swell and wrapped up. Matt unwrapped the bandage and had a look at it.

“You see I do not have grandchildren. My neighbours children are they ones who swing over to visit me. I don’t really remember but I was trying to stop them from running back and forth on the stairsand next thing I knew I was on the floor and my knee was out of place. They are good boys you know. just very jumpy. They are after my own heart even when they are not mine.”

“I guess so Mrs Gates. you will need to go for an xray and bring that to me when you do, nurse Mary will take you there. see in a while.”

Mrs gates went laughing and chatting with the nurse. Something about her was striking. Mrs Gates reminded Matt a lot about Suzanne.

update in progress……..


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