To love and to hold 2:5

If she is Suzannes mother, then this whole story is a lie. She was looking for an easy way out. It cant be. Suzz would never lie to me. They look so much alike. Anyway everyone in this town is family connected.

Maybe if I can sit with her or see her again it would ease the ache. That strange look in her eyes, I hope she wasn’t in trouble. Suzz why did you leave just like that? I wish you could explain your actions. I will see you again. Ill look for you until I find you. Its been 3 years. 3 years of struggling to move on. You meant everything to me. Maybe she wasn’t happy with me.

I tried. I did everything right. I guess I wasn’t good enough for you. Oh Suzanne, youv ripped my heart in two. I’m tired of searching myself and not finding answers.
Matt sat kept pacing around in the lounge. His thoughts disturbed him. Mrs Gates disturbed him. Just when he thought he was moving on this happens.

Matts house was big. It was brown and white. The bed couch was brown. He had a big home theatre. Matt had a good eat for music. He went to his music room, brought out his drum set and hit the drums, trying to ease the thoughts down and remove his frastration.

The next morning Matthan was not scheduled to work at Madisons. Throwing on his coat as it was a windy morning, Matt went there. He signed in the visitors book and walked straight to Mrs Gates room.

‘Good morning, Mrs Gates.’
‘Morning doctor, today you are not in your doctors coat?’
‘Yes, I…I came to see you.’
‘Do you have any daughters?’
‘Yes I do,… Just one.’ Mrs Gates said sadly.

‘I once knew a Suzanne Gates, and you remind me a lot like her. Is she perhaps your daughter?’
‘Why do you sit there and mock me child?’
‘Mock you, I would never….’
‘Yet you sit here with innocence in your eyes and mock me.’

She wrapped her hands around her legs and placed a finger in her mouth. She rocked herself and began to moarn.
I sat there utterly shocked.

‘I do not know what you speak about.’ In a high hysterical voice. She kept repeating.
‘I do not know what you speak of. Get out! Get out! Do not mock me child, do not mock me.’

The nurse came in.

‘I’m sorry doctor, you have to leave now.’

I left the room, my head was low and I was very sad.
The next thing I knew I was in the Madisons office.

‘What happened with Mrs Gates?’ Mrs Madison asked.
‘I don’t understand, I just wanted to know if she knew someone, and she began to scream and cry.’

‘Mrs Gates is a complicated woman, she is nice, but ask her about her past, she always does that. If you want to be happy do not peep in the pot while its still cooking. Let her be in peace, don’t remind her of anything.’

‘Yes mam. Thank you. I have to go for work. Ill see you soon.

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