To love and to hold 3

The next week was busy for me. I was caught up at the big hospital. On the last day of the week, I managed to sneak in some time. I was at the reception when I saw
Mrs Gates being discharged.

She had a bandage wrapped around her elbow and her knee. She looked a lot calmer and rosy than the last time I saw her. She held on to clutches.

When she saw me standing here, she placed an arm on me, smiled and looked into my eyes. I felt she wanted to say something. Her mouth was slightly open, but no sound came out. She shut it fast and walked off awkwardly.

Another dead end to finding my Suzz. The nurse said her daughter was coming to pick her up soon. I wanted to dash after Mrs Gates but the nurse stopped me and said my patients were waiting for me.

Later on that day, Natalie and I organised a surprise braai for Kelvin. It was his birthday. No one, not even anyone at the office, had spoken to him that day. We all avoided him, and when he came to a dark home, we jumped out of hiden places and shouted happy birthday.

Kelvin kissed his wife and punched my arm. He looked so happy and loved. We got the food ready and I filled my stomach. Been long since I had gone out like this, happy and relaxed.

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