My better half

Its like iv known you all my life.
The things you do,
The things you like to do
And the things you say
You are another version of me.

The connection
Heart to heart connection
Between us
The chemistry
The understanding
The vibes

Our likes, our dislikes
Our visions and dreams
Our views and perspectives
Our God
All run in the same direction

Iv known you for a short while
but you seem to understand me like I understand myself.

That’s a big achievement for me
Because I always find myself alone and very different from others.
But with you its like u get in my brain and know my exact thoughts. Even before I speak them you already do.

Its puzzling
Its amazing
You amaze me in your speech, your conduct, your presentation
In your life of thought

I never knew two very different people could have soo much in common.
When He told me about you I did not quite grasp
But as each and everyday goes by
I’m left speechless by your humility.

I think its getting safer to say you are meant for me and I you.
There many things we will accomplish together

I just hope and wish
Neither of us will mess this up.
I’m grateful for this getting to know or learning period.
Sometimes it sounds too good to be true.

And honestly speaking I do not know what to do
When it comes to you.
That’s a good thing because I am a very opinionated person

Lastly I am very grateful to have meet someone like you. Like me. Like us.
I pray we will be able to dig deeper into our hearts and connect deeper
Your type of love.
My hearts desire

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2 thoughts on “My better half

  1. I love the rhythm of your work!! Excellent! I’m following you now. Feel free to check out my work also! ; 0


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