Its hurts so bad
Like a cut to the throat
When you work so hard
Just for something to be taken away from you
just for someone to come and say you did nothing
And their word goes as right

It hurts so deep
A shovel to a stone
When youv tried so hard
To please
Only for someone not to notice the hard work
Or for someone else to take the glory

Whatever you do cannot mend it
Whatever you say doesn’t matter
Whatever you did, doesn’t matter
Or seems useless in the end.
All the sweat
All the toil
All in vain

Can someone tell me
What’s the use in trying?
When noone sees?
What’s the use in hoping
When it all falls apart?
What’s the use?

Unappreciated. Many words to say but none can decribe the way I feel right now. Nor do I have the composition in my head of what to say.

Right now I just wanna escape this world. These tears. These thoughts.
I need the rest, the break, from this world.

Where is my hiding place?
My solace?
Where has it gone?
Everywhere I turn seems the wrong move
Everything I say seems the wrong word
Everything I hope for falls apart a thousand times
Where did I go wrong?
What wrong did I do.

Alone and lost in a world full of love
Seems everyone has it right but me.
All I want is love but can never seem to get it. A little care. A little hope to keep me standing.
Where can I go…

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