Dearest Diary

What a day today has been and your the first person I wanted to tell. My day has been so full of downs, of drama, a spinning head, a sore throat, voice gone, too much stress and whatnots.

I think I miscalculated and now I’m short and I don’t know where to turn to for help. I’m so drained right now. Haven’t eaten much, no appetite. You know such days when nothing I do makes sense at all. And the people i need the most turn you down.

Diary I was coming from work and I was looking at how the black of the night is beautifully clastered with colorful lights, the wind was blowing softly and its in this weather where I love to take my walks especially when I’m feeling as crappy as I’m feeling today.

This got me thinking, Diary people have numerous ways to de-stress. What’s yours?

Work is hectic by the day. But I enjoy the pay. Not as bad. I’m so cold. Best I get ready for bed.

Just wanted to stop by and say something. I’m being inspired with the posts from the various people I’m following.

Sigh! I’m absolutely glad today has finally come to an end finally. Goodnight.

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