My list

Dear dairy

So like its not unusual that girls have a list of how she wants her dream huby or boyfriend to be. I guess I have mine too.

I miss having me time. I miss writing, and especially beading. Work has me busy and so exhausted I have no time nor inspiration for these. My hands are itching and my mind is at unease. I really gotta write and bead. You know. Get busy.

Right back to my list. Here goes to my future.
Firstly he should be Holy Spirit filled Christian, dedicated. About 2-3 years older than me. Tall,slim and fairly light / dark. Right on the middle complexion wise.

We should have similar taste in music 🎶, I love music. He should also know or understand my quiet me time or thinky days like today.

He should be sweet, clean, tidy and sensitive. He should be not too loud and noisy party goer. No drinker nor smoker. Family oriented and humble.

No sweet talker but honest and not the brutally honest type. A good saver/ budgeter. Good ascent, deep voice, sexy eyes. Perfect English speaker who speaks many other languages, gentlemanly and strong.

Strong 💪 willed and a fighter who doesn’t easily gives up. A good daddy, one who listens and isn’t too busy. Knows how to set priorities and stick with them. A big time romantic coz I’m a huge sucker for fairy tale romance. Healthy and warm hearted.

Not easily angered, very observant and passionate. Kind and loving 😍, faithful. Not forgetting a handworker with a vision and a working realistic strategy.

Well these are some of them. I’m not particularly struck on my list but this is the vision of the kind of man I would hopefully love ❤ to spend my tomorrows, my thoughts, my scares, worries and concerns with. My smile 😊 and laughter with, my dreams and goals with. My love and kids with. Someone to stand by me and stand tall and confident in me, my abilities even when I am not even sure of who I am.

I’m so tired 😫 now. Goats rest. I love ❤ you


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