The description of him in my head

It flows beginning from the bottom
Feet yet to see
Always covered up in pointed shoes
His strong 💪 long legs
Athletic in splendor

Down To his waist
Perfectly medium
With the flat belly in between
Onto his chest
Smooth but slightly hairy
I imagine a hidden six 6 pack

Not too broad shoulders
Along with the slender arms
Slight muscle with the symbol of strength
His fingers, the hair poles more pronounced
Cute fingers IV always loved

Mind wondering to that sweet caress
Running down my skin
The perfect smooth neck
Just the right size
Lips could easily kiss 💋 and bit
In the midst of a heated moment

Small plum lips
Smooth and sexy
The light nose 👃 to tease
To lick 👅 small
His eyes deep, big, slow,
When their attention ⚠ is on me
I tend to forget my name
Starring deep
That bedroom look
Sinking in deep into mine
Firm cheek bones
Always neatly cut gel’ed black hair
With a shade on the front
Perfection in all its qualities
Tallness something that makes me melt


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