My happy place


Green trees, big and fresh. Red roses, sweetly scented. Palm trees, majestically tall. Green fresh grass. My happy place.

flowers 💐, orange and yellow, like the sun set. Daisies purple, white, n light yellow. Fresh air, cool breeze, fairly warm sun.

My happy place. Blanket on the floor, with my picnic basket along. N my beading basket.

Mind clear, no worries, smiles and laughter, no stress. My happy in my ears, slow jams. Not forgetting the stack of books by my side.

My picnic basket, pinkly wavered, cube shaped with compartments, packed with my favourites, sour jelly sweets, Doritos sweet chilly, bar one chocolates, fruit juices apple, berry. Sandwiches, chicken, vegies. Raw carrots, fruits: Berries, pears, bananas and oranges.

My beading basket containing my tools, my beads, scissors, string and buttons. My happy place. Me time. My happy place where I share with beloved in my heart but not in my presence. Unless he sits quietly when I want him to be or reads with me.

No stress. No worries. My happy place in description


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