Done in a moment to last few minutes
The spur of the moment
Leading to a life time

Why pretend?
When all we want is to seek personal pleasure
To satisfy our guilty pleasures
Why not come out in open
At the beggining
Instead of stringing along
Blooming and blossoming the unwanted love and attention

We secretly know
But refuse to confront
We know it from the day
Forbidden words spoken in a text
Useless empty meanings
Said while looking the other way.

His good at that.
Worse off im to blame
For falling for the same
Even when i knew it
Without anyone telling me
It wouldnt go anywhere

I wish noone saw us together
So noone questions
Im the one to face the stares, the heat
But i still dont regret The Act!
And meeting you

At the end of the day
I store in my heart
In my mind
My storage book
The time wasted
The lessons learnt

Next time
I will refuse harder and hesitate longer
Instead of blowing it all away in one moment
We care
We fall
We like easily

But we fall out
We hate
And move on
So soon
It shocks your bones

It hurts but i will be strong
I will carry on
And stand up tall
When it all blows over

I wish you well
I will be ok and heal
But you will still be you
I promise to survive.


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