The Complicated Simplicity.

thoughts of a troubled mind.

She is extra ordinarily ordinary, she’s not someone you’ll turn back and look twice, there is a 100% probability that you won’t even notice if she passes by but this doesn’t bother her and you know why? Because she probably didn’t even notice you there, she is so lost, she’s so busy exploring and questioning and unravelling this mysterious universe that she doesn’t even mind becoming a mystery.

She is a little too loud for everything, but for the rare times she is silent, it is almost deafening. She is not someone who’ll intrigue you when you look at her, she looks like the most nondescript person you’ll ever meet but the moment she decides to allow you to enter into the little world of hers, you’ll be dazzled by the complicated simplicity of hers.


The moment you start thinking you know her she decides to surprise you and you’re…

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