Natasha is my name. You can call me Tutsie1. Writing is my game.

My blog is about me, my experiences, my thoughts, moods, actions, my poems, short stories, songs, my art. Also includes my favorite quoted posts, songs etc.

I’m quiet, observant, creative, down to earth, sweet, kind and an indoor kinda person.

I love to read, write, sing, dance, draw and art. My favorite colors are pink, sky blue, beige, purple and white. I love books – scribbled in (novels) and empty books. Fairy tales, fantasy, adventure and romance is my genre of books. I enjoy creativity (the combination of my mind working with my hands).

Music is another part of me. I’m into Holy Hiphop (the likes of the 116 clique), Zambian music and rnb or slows, especially boy bands but it mostly depends on my mood. Music keeps me company, uplifts my spirit, keeps me going, pushes me forward, connects me to my King Jesus Christ and is my perfect mood expressor. Music along with writing is my voice.

Beading can’t be subtracted from who I am. I love to bead and through practice I’m getting there. I love the colors, the designs, the concentration I put in a design and the out-product of my handiwork. Ooo how my heart leaps and my fingers itch when I want to bead. My head fills and dives in ideas for beads. Beaded jewelry is my number one.

Lastly pages I admin:

My website;

My twitter account;

My facebook account;

My other blog;


5 thoughts on “About Tutsie1.

  1. Hi Tutsie1.
    I just wanted to stop by and thankyou for taking the time to read so many of my poems. it’s always nice to meet new bloggers. I look forward to reading more of yours when I have more time at the weekend.
    Have a great day.
    Darkyblue 🙂


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