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How do you soar so high just to sink so low? How do you live in an ivory tower just to end up sitting in mud? How do you fight so hard to become king just to end your life as a beggar?

In life, where we start may matter; but even more important is where we end. Some people start with nothing and end with much. Some people start with much and end with nothing.

Life is full of challenges and temptations that can make you lose what you have worked so hard to earn in a twinkling of an eye. If you are not smart, challenges and temptations will sink you.

Have you ever been gripped by a burning desire to do something which you knew was wrong? Such a desire is temptation. Temptation is one of the most dangerous forces in the world. It has ruined many…

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To you, with lots of love

thoughts of a troubled mind.

To You,

Do you want to know what I see when I look at you every time, I see the most magnificent piece of art, so simple yet so intricate that every time I look at you I find something more beautiful to admire and you say no one would even know you exist? People like you are born to be noticed. Someone would have to be extremely blind not to notice you.

Let me tell you this for the umpteenth time, you are the most interesting person I could ever meet or have ever met and I want to shout at the top of my voice and tell everyone this, to let everyone know that a soul as beautiful as you could exist and how grateful I’m to meet you.

The day I set my eye on you, I knew you’re going to be trouble, because I knew you’d never let me in…

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This Love.


thoughts of a troubled mind.

Sometimes when you’re lucky enough you meet someone you walk in love with, like one look at them and you know they’re meant to be there and you subconsciously find yourself walking towards them and with each step, with each conscious step, you come to know those beautiful intricate details that define them, and you can’t stop yourself because they look like the most beautiful art you’ve ever come across, no they’re not perfect but art is not supposed to be perfect, they’re beautiful with all those imperfections and as time passes by you fall in love with those imperfections too and suddenly in this world of imperfections they become your definition to perfect.

They’re like the song that was made only for you and once you heard it you knew it was going to be your favourite, they’re the last thought on your mind when you fall asleep and…

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The Complicated Simplicity.

thoughts of a troubled mind.

She is extra ordinarily ordinary, she’s not someone you’ll turn back and look twice, there is a 100% probability that you won’t even notice if she passes by but this doesn’t bother her and you know why? Because she probably didn’t even notice you there, she is so lost, she’s so busy exploring and questioning and unravelling this mysterious universe that she doesn’t even mind becoming a mystery.

She is a little too loud for everything, but for the rare times she is silent, it is almost deafening. She is not someone who’ll intrigue you when you look at her, she looks like the most nondescript person you’ll ever meet but the moment she decides to allow you to enter into the little world of hers, you’ll be dazzled by the complicated simplicity of hers.


The moment you start thinking you know her she decides to surprise you and you’re…

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Do You Want to Know the Secret, Too?

Must Be This Tall To Ride

Woman whispering in man's ear --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Everyone wants to know the secret.

But it seems like no one knows it, and if they do, no one’s telling.

The question haunts me now. Because people keep asking and I never know what to say.

“What could she have done?”

I never knew enough to ask that question during my marriage. In the beginning, I was too immature and oblivious. I figured marrying my girlfriend just meant things would always stay the same, and we were both simply agreeing to stay together, forever. Like forever boyfriend and girlfriend.

When you’re young, people tell you marriage is hard. That you really have to work and communicate and forgive.

But when you’re listening to it, you politely nod your head, but think to yourself: These well-meaning people don’t know anything about us. We love each other and are totally committed. They don’t see how we are together when…

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Dear you

Could we exchange hearts ♥ for a bit? I can’t possibly carry mine any longer. It’s too heavy burdened and missing you. I think yours is lighter. I can’t seem to move one.

The hurt inside.
So deep.
Iv lost myself so quick.
The hurt iv caused.
The hearts iv broken.
The guilt i feel.
Rooted to the bones.
This time i ruined it for myself
I cannot fix, i cannot mend.
Theres a deep hallow hole in my heart
Iv lost the most valuable thing i could hold
I dint even understand what i had
Now its gone
This mistake i cannot fix
The tears soak my pillow
Its too late
The darkness swallows me whole
Were can i turn
The hurt, the hurt, the hurt

My pillow soaking wet points fingers at me
The dark points fingers at me
I shut my ears
Trying to escape the laughter n stares.
Can i find a cover for my ears as my eyes can close shut
Im sinking , im sinking. Oh what did i do.
Worse part is im the one to blame
How does one seperate into two
How did he leads us into our own pit. My pit.
Sorry does not cut it coz the trust has been scarred never to return.
I will always look back n say it was my fault. Things will never be the same.
I love you with every single vein in me but i cant stand hurting you.
Theres only so much damage i could do if i hurt myself.
But the pain i cant stand of hurting the one i love.