Its hurts so bad
Like a cut to the throat
When you work so hard
Just for something to be taken away from you
just for someone to come and say you did nothing
And their word goes as right

It hurts so deep
A shovel to a stone
When youv tried so hard
To please
Only for someone not to notice the hard work
Or for someone else to take the glory

Whatever you do cannot mend it
Whatever you say doesn’t matter
Whatever you did, doesn’t matter
Or seems useless in the end.
All the sweat
All the toil
All in vain

Can someone tell me
What’s the use in trying?
When noone sees?
What’s the use in hoping
When it all falls apart?
What’s the use?

Unappreciated. Many words to say but none can decribe the way I feel right now. Nor do I have the composition in my head of what to say.

Right now I just wanna escape this world. These tears. These thoughts.
I need the rest, the break, from this world.

Where is my hiding place?
My solace?
Where has it gone?
Everywhere I turn seems the wrong move
Everything I say seems the wrong word
Everything I hope for falls apart a thousand times
Where did I go wrong?
What wrong did I do.

Alone and lost in a world full of love
Seems everyone has it right but me.
All I want is love but can never seem to get it. A little care. A little hope to keep me standing.
Where can I go…

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My better half

Its like iv known you all my life.
The things you do,
The things you like to do
And the things you say
You are another version of me.

The connection
Heart to heart connection
Between us
The chemistry
The understanding
The vibes

Our likes, our dislikes
Our visions and dreams
Our views and perspectives
Our God
All run in the same direction

Iv known you for a short while
but you seem to understand me like I understand myself.

That’s a big achievement for me
Because I always find myself alone and very different from others.
But with you its like u get in my brain and know my exact thoughts. Even before I speak them you already do.

Its puzzling
Its amazing
You amaze me in your speech, your conduct, your presentation
In your life of thought

I never knew two very different people could have soo much in common.
When He told me about you I did not quite grasp
But as each and everyday goes by
I’m left speechless by your humility.

I think its getting safer to say you are meant for me and I you.
There many things we will accomplish together

I just hope and wish
Neither of us will mess this up.
I’m grateful for this getting to know or learning period.
Sometimes it sounds too good to be true.

And honestly speaking I do not know what to do
When it comes to you.
That’s a good thing because I am a very opinionated person

Lastly I am very grateful to have meet someone like you. Like me. Like us.
I pray we will be able to dig deeper into our hearts and connect deeper
Your type of love.
My hearts desire

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My love

My love
A deep burning desire
An aching sensation
In my heart of hearts
A longing
A leap in my heart
Dancing to the tune
The tune of love

The image of you
Forever stuck in my brain
Can’t rub it out
Fleeting pictures of time spent
Your smile, your eyes, your hands
Rhythm of the beat goes beyond control
Wishing for you to be near
Even a few feet away
To hear you voice, ur laugh

Reading your body language
Hear you say my name
The name you so love
My fantasy

You maybe far right now
Beyond mountains and borders
Slight possibility of meeting
But one thing I’m sure is
I love you so much
I dream of spending the rest of my life with you
As most people say
You feel it within you
When you find the right one
I think I found him and
He is you

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Open your eyes today.

I don’t understand why people choose to stay or live in dream land. And no matter what,
they refuse to wake up.
Open ur eyes,
see what’s in front of u, today.
What is speaking
What you refuse to see nor hear.
What is clear, right under your nose. Live one day as it comes
And you will not thrive to reach an unreachable goal, in an unrealistic world.
Open your eyes and see the hurt you are causing around you.
The needs you fail to meet today.
They will result in a failed tomorrow.
What are you thriving for?
A better today will cause a better tomorrow
Open your eyes and see
Before its too late.



I see you in my sleep
When I’m awake
Every man is a photo copy of you.
Your name is branded on my heart.
Whatever I do I think of you
I miss you when ever you step out the door
I wish things would be like they used to
Where I meant the whole world to you
And you were the centre of my universe
Our love story is unlike any other
Across rivers, boarders, across many miles
We lay in wait
To have us near, within reach
How long shall we wait?
Till the universe makes way for us.
Us against the world
No matter what,
My love for you still stands, deep, unperturbed love.
Sometimes I don’t know how to express it, you are an inch away from my grasp,
That inch may grow closer or grow apart,
Holding back from being hurt by me
You are one riddle I cannot solve.
Yet my love for you burns strong

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excerpt-Notes on the Art of Poetry by Dylan Thomas

I could never have dreamt that there were such goings-on
in the world between the covers of books
such sandstorms and ice blasts of words
such staggering peace such enormous laughter
such and so many blinding bright lights
splashing all over the pages
in a million bits and pieces
all of which were words words words
and each of which were alive forever
in its own delight and glory & oddity & light

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